UltraMoo Cordless Battery Operated ULV Sprayer

The UltraMoo ULV Sprayer battery operated is a similar version of the regular UltraMoo ULV Sprayer, with the same features. It is recommended for individual users to disinfect their homes or business workspaces, although it has a powerful spray and can permeate ultra-low particles into even the smallest areas, it can be ideal for commercial usage such as hallways, stairways etc….Powerful spray and Ultra-low particle spray permeates into even the smallest of areas.

Features Include:

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Extended working time by using lithium-ion battery 2-3 hours
4 Hour for Full Charge
3 Litre Tank Capacity
Light P.P Body case – 7 lbs
Switch(On/Off) function
LED Display for Battery usage
Control of solution amount
Shoulder Strap
Micron Size 5-20 micron
3 Metre Spray
UltraMoo Battery Operated PACKAGE, Shoulder Strap, Funnel, 4 – 4 Litres Ultra-lyte Solution, Healthy Premises Sticker and Fogging Instructions BONUS 1-950ml Ultra-lyte 950ml spray bottle for easy disinfecting touch ups
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