Lets’ stay safe, healthy and protected.

UltraMist Disinfecting Systems was established to meet the growing need to keep people safe in the world from deadly viruses and give people the peace of mind of returning to work, socializing and meeting in public places without the fear of viruses that have changed the way people think and feel. We decided that we can offer a service and/or a disinfecting system that keep you, your staff and your clients safe!

We offer a system that all surfaces and areas can be disinfect with ease and with a natural product that is safe for humans and animals. The system can be used daily or as often as you feel is necessary for your workplace. Our Spraying system is so user friendly, it is shocking and we feel this could be the “NEW Cleaning Standard”.

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UltraMist Disinfecting Systems teamed up with our Ultra-lyte Solutions is a powerful combination designed to secure your space with a Health Canada approved product and KILLS 99.999% of all harmful viruses, bacteria, molds and micro-organisms. Spraying machines are the latest disinfecting technology – our company believes in making them accessible and affordable for everyone. It is time to change your notion of what hygiene and cleanliness look like.
Why Sprayers? They release a fine mist that settles into a thin anti-microbial shield of protection over a large space quickly, ensuring that there is little to none downtime required for all the surfaces to become disinfected.